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Types of Weddings

I offer highly personalized ceremonies, created in partnership with the couple, designed to reflect their individual personalities and commitment.  Handfasting can be added to any wedding ceremony.  A few examples of form are:

Traditional Weddings

It is common for traditional or formal weddings to follow traditional practices regardless of the style of the traditional wedding. It is my experience and practice that traditional ceremonies I have assisted with are held at non-church venues.

Nondenominational Religious Weddings

With this type of ceremony, the couple has few restrictions and can weave religion into the ceremony. The traditional prayers and religious hymns are perfectly at home in a nondenominational ceremony where the couple is free to incorporate specific customs and observances into a ceremony that honors elements the couples may value in their spiritual lives.  I have experience negotiating among parties who hold very different religious traditions.

Other Spiritual and Civil Ceremonies

A non-traditional wedding, religious, spiritual or civil, can be many things.  The goal here is to make your ceremony a personal and customized experience.  A wide variety of traditions may be incorporated into these weddings, including those from Earth-based spiritualties.these weddings, including those from Earth-based spiritualties.

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